We have so many testimonials, here are just a few:
"We put the Cartridge System in our wood fireplace and have been delighted. The fire looks great and we no longer need to be concerned about smoke, ashes or cleaning up charred wood."
Steve Segal - Philadelphia

"I converted from cans to cartridges and would never look back! Completely tiled the back of my fireplace, it looks great."
Sandra - Georgia

"I purchased a fireplace from a TV shopping service. The gel cans smell horrible! Especially when the flame went out. I even had smoke that set off my smoke detector! Last week I tried your gel cartridge and it was absolutely wonderful. I urge anyone that loves a natural flame to order your great product."
Jrbh - Illinois

"You really filled the bill for us for an outside fire. We are too close to houses to burn wood (smoke) and a gas firplace would be over a thousand dollars. Cartridges solved the problem at a fraction of the price! "
Rick Hofmaster - CA

"I am so pleased with your Gel Fuel! The scented cartridges are wonderful, not overpowering. The flame is so natural-looking, unlike my gas fireplace. The ambiance is divine. Thanks! "
Robin - Monroeville, PA

"My wife and I sat outside and enjoyed the fire. She even liked how the fire crackled."
Dr. Callahan - Tucson, AZ

"Yours is the first gel fuel we have found that emits literally no offensive odor. We also found the pine scented ones pleasant and have thus ordered the 8 cartridge scented sampler to try the other scents."
Bob - Worcester, MA

"As an architect with a masters degree in historic preservation, realism is important to me. That's why I love the Cartridge System, it looks like a real fireplace and you don't see any tin cans. Instead, the fire is surrounded by logs."
John Sanguliano, Architect, New York