Switch from cans to cartridges

  Gel fuel users: Switch from cans to cartridges and save money!

Standard Log and
2 FREE Gel Cartridges

For a limited time, while supplies last, get a Standard Log, regularly $89, and 2 free cartridges, all for $89. Get free fuel for 2 fires, about two hours each fire.
Flat rate shipping to continental USA..

                  Standard Log and
                 2 FREE Gel cartridges
                    Flat rate shipping to continental USA.
Sold Out

Seven reasons
to switch

1.   Cartridges cost less,
      $79.90 a case for
      8 great fires

2.   1 cartridge = 2-3 cans

3.   No more paper labels to

4.   Unscented cartridges are
      odor-free or your money

5.   Pine Scented cartridge
     is also available

6.   Flat rate shipping,
     and did we mention...

7.   Cartridges save you